Love Flakes with Color Combos CTW511

Color Combos CTW511 is a bright blue jelly with blue micro glitter and flakies. What are flakies, you ask? Flakies are little bits of iridescent film that flash different colours when hit with light. Interesting, eh? Check it out below.

The blue jelly is Color Combos CTW511 is very translucent. The base has to be, so that the flakies will show. When I first tried it, I had no idea what flakies were, so I just painted it on like regular polish. I hated it. With three coats, it looked soooo horrible. Finally, after a little bit of going around the internet, I learned that you had to paint flakies over a dark polish. I did, over black, and BOOM. Lovely! 

This particular polish's flakies flash neon green, violet, fuschia, orange and red depending on the light. It was a little difficult for me to capture it on camera, but I tried. 

The formula of the polish was great. Just the right consistency for me. The flakies painted on well too, with even distribution and no clumping at all. I also like Color Combos' brushes. They're a little similar to OPI's. These ones are a bit flat, but not as wide as OPI's. 

I bought my bottle of Color Combos at Sasa in Hong Kong. It contains 10ml and is made in France. I can't remember how much it was exactly, but it was something like a 2 for $15 or 2 for $25 deal. 


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