Canada, Eh?

Yes, I'm still alive! So much has happened in the time I've been missing, but it's been such a roller coaster ride. The main adventure, I believe, would be my relocation to Canada. Exciting? Sometimes! In the four months I've been here, I became a survivor of The Longest Winter Ever, slipped on ice at least thrice, practically destroyed my MacBook Pro (poor baby), and tried snowboarding. There are moments when I really, really miss my dad and my family, my dogs and my friends back home. But I've gained more experiences and new friends here, and I do not regret my decision one bit right now.


I have some ideas for Unicorns Dream but I'll need to revive my MacBook Pro to regain access to them. Hopefully I can execute them in a timely and decent manner. So, until then!

Calling All Bibliophiles!

National Book Store is having their warehouse sale this weekend!

Go to the Quezon Avenue National Book Store on November 14-19, 10 AM to 7 PM to get up to 80% off books and other products. I would if I could, but I couldn't!!

One of Many Ways to Help: The Philippine Red Cross

From the PRC Facebook page

The Philippine Red Cross. Not only do they provide relief after calamities and other events, they also conduct rescue operations. There are many ways to donate, as listed on their webpage. You can use your credit card or atm, make a cash or check deposit or through SMS. I made my family's small donation using Paypal on this page, where you may choose where you want your donation to go. We earmarked our contribution for Supertyphoon Yolanda/Haiyan.

It doesn't matter how much you give, as long as it is sincere. I believe they are also looking for volunteers, if you want to help and give your time. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Please help if you can! A drop of water may seem insignificant, but remember that oceans are made of many, many drops! (Does that even make sense?) 

Together we can help save and rebuild lives.

Love Flakes with Color Combos CTW511

Color Combos CTW511 is a bright blue jelly with blue micro glitter and flakies. What are flakies, you ask? Flakies are little bits of iridescent film that flash different colours when hit with light. Interesting, eh? Check it out below.

The blue jelly is Color Combos CTW511 is very translucent. The base has to be, so that the flakies will show. When I first tried it, I had no idea what flakies were, so I just painted it on like regular polish. I hated it. With three coats, it looked soooo horrible. Finally, after a little bit of going around the internet, I learned that you had to paint flakies over a dark polish. I did, over black, and BOOM. Lovely! 

This particular polish's flakies flash neon green, violet, fuschia, orange and red depending on the light. It was a little difficult for me to capture it on camera, but I tried. 

The formula of the polish was great. Just the right consistency for me. The flakies painted on well too, with even distribution and no clumping at all. I also like Color Combos' brushes. They're a little similar to OPI's. These ones are a bit flat, but not as wide as OPI's. 

I bought my bottle of Color Combos at Sasa in Hong Kong. It contains 10ml and is made in France. I can't remember how much it was exactly, but it was something like a 2 for $15 or 2 for $25 deal. 

Bye, Blondie! Liese Bubble Hair Color in Cassis Berry

I finally said goodbye to my dark blonde, light brown-ish hair I dubbed Blondie. I had a box of Liese Bubble Hair Color from my last trip to Hong Kong, so I decided to use that. The colour was Cassis Berry and it's described in the Kao Singapore website as "A glamorous pink with a touch of brown." It's made in Japan by the Kao Corporation. I've used this twice in the past and I loved how fun and easy Liese Bubble Hair Color was.

This version was made to be sold in Hong Kong and Singapore so it was in a dual language box, with Chinese and English. The kit came with Solutions 1 and 2, hair lotion, the foamer cap (which produces the bubbles, yay!), a pair of gloves and the instruction sheets. There were actually three versions, Chinese, English and Japanese! I thought it was really cute. Anyway...

Here's the part of the box which shows you what colour to expect depending on your original hair before colouring. My Blondie hair was veeery similar to the Very light colour hair they had pictured. More on the results later.

See the next photo for the gist of the instructions. Almost like shampooing, actually. It's really fun and I find that it colours evenly, with less effort than using the tint brush and bowl. I thought that one kit wouldn't be enough to cover my thick, long hair, but luckily it did! It wasn't as thick and foamy as when I used it in the past, as my hair was shorter then, but apparently it was enough. My whole head was Cassis Berry-ed! The hair lotion included smelled nice, wasn't greasy and my hair drank it all up.

The results! Both taken indoors with the somewhat crappy "selfie" iPhone camera. Bad lighting too, even my skin is two different shades. Should've taken some with the regular one, sorry. Unfortunately, the touch of brown came out as really brown, with the glamorous pink nowhere in sight. When it first dried I lamented the loss of my golden hair but I'm learning to love this colour. It's growing on me! Now do I recommend Liese Bubble Hair Color? Yes! Cassis Berry is also good, but they do have a number of nice shades to choose from.

I realise that the photo below doesn't do any of my hair colours justice. My Blondie hair was more golden, and my Cassis Berry hair is less red, and more brown. 

I bought my box of Liese Bubble Hair Color in Cassis Berry in Hong Kong. It was from my favourite supermarket, Wellcome. Unfortunately, I don't remember how much it cost.

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