Super-sized Beauty: MAC WW

I love getting mail. It might be a package, a letter, even my credit card statement (dread starts to kick in when I open it) but getting any sort of mail makes me happy. Imagine my giddiness when I see not one, but two boxes. Then imagine me gasping then shrieking when I see that they're both from Nordstrom. What's inside:

I'm late to the party, but I'm so happy! MAC wasn't kidding when they said Wonder Woman Colour products were super-sized. Below is my size comparison photo, with WW MSF and blush beside a Pressed Blot Powder compact and regular blush.

Crazy huge! See how all the other products dwarf in comparison to the MSF? It's the one with the gold band. It's a giant, yes. And the blush is the size of my Blot Powder. My Well Dressed blush feels left out. I haven't tried them yet, but I'll send in a report once I do. I'll tell you if this will be the feminine force that saves my day :)


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