Sunshine and Rainbows

Hi, and welcome to my blog! This isn't my first, since I've started blogging way back in highschool, or elementary I think... But they've kinda died and went to blog heaven, so I'm not entirely sure. That was almost a whole decade ago, yikes! So here's my introductory post, which I felt obliged to do... just because :)

Hello, I'm Denise, a recent graduate of European Studies, with a Minor in French Studies, from Ateneo de Manila. I'm struggling to hang on to my "student" status, while searching high and low for a decent job. On impulse, I decided to chronicle my bum life. Here, I will write about my being unemployed, a wanna-be make-up putter-onner, a dog momma, a gym goer and a misadventure-r. What a load, but what the heck, it'll be fun!


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