Unicorns Dream's Swag Box Giveaway Winner!

Good day ladies and gents! It has been dark, gloomy and very dreary these past few days. My brother has been in and out of school due to the sudden class suspensions for college and whatnot. Not to mention his rather freaky experience during his weekend field trip. To lift everyone's spirits up a bit, I am now announcing the winner for the Unicorns Dream's Swag Box Giveaway!

I used Random.org's List Randomizer and came up with:

Congratulations Janinay! You get everything listed here. Shoot me an email at inevitableoblivion @ gmail . com with your mailing address and I'll send the UD Swag Box your way. Congratulations!

I'd also like to that everyone who joined my giveaway. Keep on reading Unicorns Dream for product reviews, reveal posts and hopefully more giveaways in the future. :)


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