Ew-Stick and Pot of Gold

Ever since I was a little kid, I used to love putting on Chapstick. Since I was blessed by genetics to have okay but rather dry lips, I had to rely on products to keep my puckers from peeling or cracking. And no, spit does nothing to moisturize, rather, it only makes lips even worse.

But since puberty kicked in, and I have now since stopped growing (except perhaps my waistline, butt and thighs), I have matured somewhat and my tastes have changed. I started to get this weird, icky feeling when I slather on Chapstick, or any similar drugstore lip balm. It's like, putting on floor wax or something, and not the nice kind either. It just forms a yucky, waxy barrier on my lips that remains intact forever. When I go to bed and there's nothing nearby for me to put on, I have no choice but to reach for my last Chapstick. I'd gently dab a bit on my lower lip, and just smash purse my lips together to smear the product on my upper lip. When I wake up in the morning, oh horror, it's still there. Sure, it does keep my lips from drying up faster than an oasis in a desert, but the feeling is just so weird. I'd get up quickly and wash it off before you can even say "Chapstick".

Chapstick Flava-Craze Blue Crazeberry
The last Chapstick I own is the Flava-Craze Blue Crazeberry stick. All the other abominable things I've chucked long ago. This one I keep because that Blue Crazeberry scent drives me nuts. It has me hooked, for some weird reason. This little doodad here stays right beside my bed, in case of emergency. All the other lip balms and such that I like, I drop into my make-up sac or tote du jour. Sometimes, I forget to unload and return. So unfortunately for me, I have to use Blue Crazeberry in those occasions.

Ilog Maria Propolis and Beeswax Lip Balm
The kind of lip balms I do like are the ones that slide on easily, melt into my puckers and moisturize well without leaving waxy residues. My current favorite is a well-used pot of Ilog Maria Propolis and Beeswax Lip Balm. I love that it's all natural, fits my good-lip balm description, and is Filipino-made. It also has this slight tingly, minty feel that I have a thing for. I simply delight in using it, and I swear by it. Also, this pot of gold lasts forever!

Ilog Maria products including my favorite Propolis and Beeswax Lip Balm are available from their farm in Cavite and their website, http://ilogmaria.com

Photo of the Ilog Maria balm taken from the Ilog Maria website


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