What I wore for Halloween

Here's the face I wore on Halloween. My face was probably the worst canvass ever, but Ate Lara of NARS at Rustan's Shangri-La painted it up and made some nice free hand art. Products used were all NARS except Stila eye liners for the design and Pur 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Make Up. Loved Stila's smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in silverdollar. Really nice in person!

Too bad I forgot to take a photo right after it was done, and in better light. My lips looked amazing, with a silvery metallic lip liner all over and a sheer pink lipgloss. My eyelids hosted some neutral shades and as usual, cult-fave Orgasm was dusted on my cheeks.

I'll be making another post on my unplanned hiatus the last two weeks or so. I'll be back to regular programming, hopefully.


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