HK Food Post: Hui Lau Shan

I'll be posting food tidbits of my Hong Kong trip in random along with the usual beauty posts. Here is the first installment of the Food Series, my Hui Lau Shan experience.

Hui Lau Shan is a popular dessert chain in Hong Kong, specializing in mango desserts. Based on the crates of mango that I saw and word from my cousin who lives there, Hui Lau Shan imports their mangoes from the Philippines. The preferred cultivar is the Carabao mango. As a testament to the deliciousness of the Philippine Carabao mango, almost every dish served there is made from the sweet and juicy fruit. 

My favorite, Mango Pudding! Served with fresh fruits and mango sherbet

I ordered my favorite mango pudding. Since my mother was full and felt like she could not finish her own order of whatever, we selected Mango Pudding with Fresh Fruits at HKD 35. Served in a pretty heart-shaped dish, yummy mango pudding came with a scoop of mango sherbet and slices and scoops of fruit: kiwi, strawberry, melon, watermelon, melon dew and a cheek of mango, topped with some mango sauce.

The pudding took a while, since everything else had to be scooped and sliced as the order came, and since there were sooo many people eating at this shop. The texture of the sherbet was wonderful, and the fruits were indeed fresh. The star of the dish is still the pudding. It was the perfect blend of jiggly, creamy and bite. I can't describe in words how wonderful this pudding is. (Yes, pudding makes me very happy!) I was tempted to purchase the bigger one pound tub to take home, but we were already overweight. And I wasn't sure how it would fare being lugged from one country to another. 

It reminds me, I attempted to make my own mango pudding before. It passed as edible. But it does not compare to Hui Lau Shan's. So yummy! Hui Lau Shan can be found all over HK. It's the HK equivalent of Jamba Juice in the US and the froyo shops here in PI. Yummy!


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