Sundance Post-Op

We discovered that Sundance has a hematoma in his right ear early last week. I quickly called the vet and scheduled his minor surgery. Since it wasn't an emergency, he gave us an appointment for Monday, to attend to more serious cases first. He was picked up by our good vet, sliced open(yikes!), sewn up and brought home the next day. 

Post-op day 2. 
Sundance took the whole thing in stride. No trauma, no nothing. He wasn't even fussy at all. It was us who were traumatized by the look of his shaven, stitched up, swollen and kinda bloody ear. Hopefully his meds will make the puffiness go away. A closer look, not for the squeamish.

Looks puffy, like a balloon! See the stitches?

Most of the blood that wasn't on the wound itself we already wiped off when we cleaned his handsome mug. Now, we're in search of a nice E-collar to put on him, as per the vet's advice. Not that Sundance has been a bad boy scratching his ear or what, but to protect his ear from any unnecessary trauma. 
 'mbn (Sundae's contribution to this post!)

Sundance chillin' in his pen at lunchtime. 
He gets free(dom) time to run and roam the back part of the compound in the morning and in the afternoon, when there is no danger of outside trucks running over him. He's such a sweet thing, the only gripe we have about him is that he's too hyper sometimes. And he drools alot! We still love him though. 

In other news, Coco's is overweight! She weighed 3.5 kl yesterday, 0.5  kl more than she usually weighs. Her body looks like a barrel too!


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