Etude House Cloud Bubble Oil Review

I've been to the Etude House at Megamall countless times, and I was never greeted a customary, "Hello, Princess!". I decided to try out the Etude at North EDSA, and I'm glad I did. Not only was it bigger, but the SA's actually greeted me upon my entrance. The store itself was wide, and there was plenty room to look around. There were many more product displays, and trying things out was a breeze because the items were spaced out nicely and the testers weren't as "used" and the ones in Megamall. The SA who followed me around wasn't annoying and was helpful in telling me about the products and pointing out ones that were worth trying out too. :)

A new product that caught my eye was the Cloud Bubble Oil.  I was supposed to get the Cleansing Dream Cleansing Oil since I wanted a cheap alternative to my Shu Uemura Light Cleansing Oil for daily use. But he SA told me that it was a new arrival in the Philippines. The shiny sticker that said NEW convinced me too. So I tossed this into my basket instead. 

Nice and new: plastic wrapped for our protection
Something I love is that the whole bottle is plastic wrapped. It's like saying, "Hey, I'm brand new just for you!". At least we can be sure that the product we are purchasing has not been used by others before us. The packaging is a nice pump bottle that foams up the cleansing oil when you pump it out. You turn the nozzle to the front to be able to pump out the foam. It's a very different way of delivering cleansing oil; instead of getting liquid you get a nice foam instead. This unique method is really fun and it helps encourage me to use it regularly. It's also nice that when you turn the nozzle to the left of the bottle, it becomes impossible to pump it out. No need to pump, then turn, like the Shu bottle I think. If you know what I mean. The bottle is also clear, which allows you to see how much product you still have left.

A quarter of a pump, to see what it looks like!
Another point to consider is the scent. I personally don't mind the smell of the Cloud Bubble Oil, but others may consider it too strong for their liking, or may not like it at all. So I suggest you go try out the testers to see if you're okay with the rather strong scent. The texture of the foamed up cleansing oil is bubbly and airy, much like the Bath and Body Works foaming hand wash or any typical foam. It is a bit oily when you rub it though, since it is a cleansing oil after all. 

To use, pump out the desired amount of cleaning oil foam and gently rub the Cloud Bubble Oil onto your face. Once the foam dissipates, you've got a nice layer of light cleansing oil on. The english instructions on the bottom of the bottle simply tells you to rinse it off after, but I prefer to emulsify first before rinsing. I tried both ways, emulsify then rinse and just rinsing. Emulsifying the Cloud Bubble Oil made my skin feel a bit cleaner afterwards. It's very light, and mild as the bottle says, and it rinses off completely leaving my skin feeling clean and soft afterwards. Lastly, don't turn over the bottle too much, specially after using it! I was reading the little instruction sticker on the bottom and I noticed that I spilled a few drops.

After a few days of road testing, I can say that my skin feels a tiny bit softer and smoother, than before I added this to my skin care routine. The product delivery has me hooked and the fact that the packaging can be reused is a big plus for me. When I'm done with this bottle, I'll simply unscrew the pump, clean it out, then fill it up with diluted hand wash or face wash. How cool is that? So I believe that I'll repurchase this once I run out.

Etude House Cloud Bubble Oil comes in a 200ml pump bottle and is available at all Etude House stores for a bit over P400. (I can't remember the exact amount, I'll fix this when I do)


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