Sango! The Burger Master

Last Sunday, Mics and I went to Shangri-La with plans to watch Green Hornet. Unfortunately, with the unforeseen traffic along EDSA(and on a Sunday!), we got to the mall a few minutes too late to watch the movie at the 4pm-ish time slot. My stomach started grumbling so M said that we should stop for a snack before going around.

Yakiniku Rice Burger with Large Fries
 We both chose to order the Yakiniku Rice Burger, P145. I've had it before, and M was rather jealous so he copied me. While I only had the burger, M had the works. He ordered Large Fries, P75, which are thick cut potato fries with skin on. There was nothing special about it, just fresh, hot potato, lightly salted. This was served with Del Monte tomato ketchup packets. We haven't tried the Master Fries yet, and I'm kinda torn because it looks kinda good but the price point is just too high. Will have to try it one of these days.

Burger, Fries and Large Strawberry Soda
M liked the Strawberry Soda, P70, the first time he tried it at the Rockwell Branch. For some reason, I wasn't drawn to it the first time, so I didn't order any soda. I just sipped a bit from M's drink and nursed my water for the rest of my meal. The Strawberry Soda is a bright pink and slushy, since instead of ice cubes, it's served with crushed ice. The slice of lemon is a nice touch, as it adds some fresh flavor to the otherwise too-sweet drink.

What the other side of the Yakiniku Rice Burger looks like, after two bites. Bummer.
Now, onto the burger. Yakiniku meat and fresh lettuce leaves sandwiched in between two hot rice buns, slathered with flavorful sauce. Yummy? Sure is! A few gripes, though. Although the top side of the burger looks bountiful, turn it over and the bottom part has no lettuce and lacks meat. I now eat it upside down, because otherwise, I'd be left with just rice and some sauce. The yakiniku meat is cut into huge pieces. I say huge, because when you take a bite, a large portion of meat gets pulled out too. Eat it right side up and the last few bites you'll get will be of rice and rice alone. I wish they would cut it up into smaller bites. Maybe I should request that next time.

All in all, I like Sango! I really like the Yakiniku Rice Burger, since it's so flavorful and delicious. Needless to say, I'll be back.  Next time, I might try a different burger or one of their donburi. 

Sango! The Burger Master is located at the 6th level of Shangri-La Mall. There are branches in Rockwell and Creekside Mall as well. 


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