Finally! ♥

Unicorns Dream's First (Mini) Giveaway Winner

Congratulations torque15! Please wait for my email, I'll get your shipping details.

It took so long for me to post this because I've been taking care of my dog Gunner who's old and very, very sick. Taking care of him, and his condition itself, is putting so much emotional stress and pain on me. More on my dear Gunner soon.

Happy September!

I'm excited about September! Aren't you? There's just so much to be delighted about this month. September marks the beginning of the Christmas countdown. It's also almost time for NCIS Season 8! It's also time to announce the giveaway winner!!

Stay tuned, I'll raffle it off soon! Thanks to the three lovelies who joined :) I hid the comments so that your email addresses and info won't be so out in the open anymore :)
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