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This week, I've been experiencing headaches ranging in intensity from mild to moderate. I don't know if it's the heat or my eyes (might need to change my lenses) or something entirely different like a cluster headache, but it's been really bothersome, not to mention painful. Due to the discomfort I'm experiencing, I was forced to wrack my brain for a remedy.

Thank God I thought of my Peace of Mind. Described as On-the-spot relief by Origins, it's the company's Sensory Therapy product. Once I found the tiny bottle, I took it out of its box and reread the instructions. After applying on my temples and on the back of my neck, I felt relief almost immediately. I sniffed my fingers and boy, I felt like I died and went to heaven. Most of the pain was lifted and I felt myself relax right away.

Image from Origins
Origins says:
When the world closes in on you and your head feels a size too small, apply just two dabs of Origins mind-clearing formula on the back of your neck, temples and earlobes. You'll feel a tingling sensation as pressure, tension and tightness begin to melt away. 
I honestly regret burying this little gem of a 15 ml bottle in my dresser all this time. The pump dispenses just the right amount and the little ring prevents accidental dispensing of the product. It works wonders without having to resort to popping pills, which I used to do whenever I get moderate headaches. Peace of Mind chased away the pain, leaving only a very mild headache. It's not a cure-it-all; it doesn't relieve 100% of my pain because it doesn't promise that. 

For what it says it can do and what it does, I love my little Peace of Mind. I can't think of any serious cons for this product, except that as far as I know, it isn't available here in Manila after Rustan's pulled it off it's shelves. Oh, and not everyone might be willing to shell out $11 on It used to retail at P650 when Rustan's stocked it. 

Do you use similar products to relieve stress and headaches? Please do share!

NOTW: Heart-y Hot Pink French Tips + New Giveaway Winners

So this post is a few weeks late. I had these nails mid-January, so I guess it's been about a month. But I think that they're pretty cute, so I decided to share them all with you. I don't know how to make tutorials, but I've included instructions with different views of my left hand. Next time I'll figure out how to do a sort of walk-through. I also decided to rename my posts Nails of the Week instead of Nails of the Day since I have them on for a week or more. (Seems kinda petty but I just wanted to point that out :P)

I always start with a base coat. This time I used The Face Shop's nail strengthener. Then I applied a pearly, translucent pink, also from The Face Shop.

Next, I painted hot pink tips. Again, this was from The Face Shop. Always wait a few minutes in between coats and colors to let the polish dry. This will make the designs more distinct. (This doesn't apply to all manicures, though. Others require you to apply while the coat is still wet.)

Then, using LA Colors Art Deco in white, I painted three hearts on each tip. Uhm, except for the pinky, only two hearts could fit. :)

After everything dried, I sealed my design with an Arezia top coat to make the polish last longer. 

My hearts are all wonky, but I loved this cute, cute design. It's so fun and girly and pink. Surprisingly, despite all the manual labor I do at work, this manicure lasted for more than a week. No major chips, just the usual tip wear I get from handling nails and paint and sand paper and other construction-y materials. 

I hope you can try these! This design was inspired by my former classmate's cute French tips. She also wore hot pink tips back then, only with white dots. I thought that I couldn't make my dots all uniform in size so I used hearts instead. Turned out to be even cuter!

Giveaway update: Kathleen and Bernadette were not able to reply to my emails. Thus, I decided, after four days of waiting for their responses, to draw new winners. Congratulations to Vince Baldonado and Zash Gepana! 

Unicorns Dream and The Blounge: Winners!!

Thank you, thank you all for joining Unicorns Dream's giveaway, made awesome by The Blounge. It's finally time to announce the fortunate winners! As if winning one The Blounge hair spa and back massage gift certificate wasn't enough, guess what? You'll get TWO!! Congratulations! 

Kimberly Calub
Girlie Camungay
Francis Falucho
Kathleen Sacluti
Bernadette De Vera Alarilla

Keep an eye on your inboxes, I'll be shooting you guys an email in a bit. Happy Valentine's Day, you lucky, lucky people! You get to bring another special person with you when you go enjoy The Blounge, on us! (Check out the cutie patootie Rafflecopter widget with the "official" announcement here, it's too cute!)

Unicorns Dream would like to give marvelous thanks to The Blounge for making this staggering giveaway happen. Visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about them and book appointments.

The Blounge
332-2197 / 964-0650
2/F Hodge Podge Bldg.
139 Mo. Ignacia St. Quezon City

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