EWYG: Lovin' the Rain!

Eat What You Grow Update 1: My baby lettuce plant is not a baby anymore! He grew out of his baby cotyledon leaves and now he's sporting a bunch of fine grown-up leaves. He looks like a fine adolescent lettuce, yeah?

Also want to mention that we both love the rainy season. I don't have to water him at all, since it rains almost everyday. And on the days it doesn't rain, I always check on him and he looks just fine. (The soil is still damp and no, we do not want to over water. Plants do drown.) He looks nice and happy now and I can't wait 'til he's big enough to harvest.

Bonus point: How many times did I say "fine"? Lol.

Garden Project: Eat What You Grow!

My family and I live in an apartment so we don't have a garden. I actually envy those of you who have plots of land and soil. I really wanted to plant and garden, so I had to make do with little pots. My mum has a bunch of ornamental plants, so I decided I wanted something edible. This is my first shot at vegetable container gardening. At the middle or end of this little series, I want to be able to eat what I planted and grew, so wish me luck!  I hope it tastes good.

I bought a packet of lettuce seeds from the garden supply store near our home. It had a nice photo of fluffy purple loose-leaf lettuce on the packet, so I thought, "Why not?" The plastic pot I found at home, as well as the sack of potting soil I used. 

This is one week after planting. It germinated in about three days with it's little embryonic, cotyledon leaves. At seven days, you can see the first true leaf of my baby lettuce. It's adorable, and I can't wait 'til they're big enough so I can start munching on them. This little pot is the heart and soul of my challenge to myself: Eat what you grow!

I also wanted to introduce you to someone special. He used to be homeless, but he has taken up residence on and around our house with a bunch of his little buddies. His name is Grey. He is the cutest, feisty little kitty. He likes to take afternoon naps on my aunt's pots and squished plants. He also likes to bat with his paws whatever I dangle in front of him when I play with him after work. 

Grey is my favourite from the Cat Colony, with Spot a distant second. I tried to pet him yesterday, but I got a bit scared when after touching him with my finger, Grey turned around and started talking to me. I'm not familiar with cats at all, so I wasn't entirely sure if that meow-ing was hostile or friendly. We'll have to see how that goes.

NOTW: Splatter Nails

AKA the Graffiti Nails! These are super easy to do. I just used a straw, dipped it in my nail polish, and blew on my nails. It gets a bit messy so put something like paper towels, old newspaper or a rag on your surface. I have this huge UNIQLO catalog that I use and reuse. I love it.

This was really quick, easy and fun. I liked that no two nails were the same, and that resulting manicure had a bit of texture to it. Some might not like textured nails so that is one thing to consider. 

NOTW: Abstract Nails

Okay so I'm cheating a little here... This was actually last week's abstract nails. Oops! Not a tutorial, but there are tips down below to help out.

Another confession: I used to tape to get sharp triangles. My freehand is practically non-existent! My tape work was sloppy though, as you can see some smudges and bleeding. I used a peachy pink and a red from The Face Shop, a blue from Elianto and the green is Color Club's Wild Cactus, plus the usual OPI base and top coats.

Some tips for doing your own manicure like this:
  • Make sure each layer of polish is dry before putting on tape for the next color.
  • Use magic tape! Cello tape is too sticky.
  • Put on the lightest color first, then more opaque colors on top. Use any combo you like, go crazy!
  • You don't even have to do triangles, although it is the easiest and uses less tape. Make any geometric shape you like.
  • You can freehand your shapes, if you like! I just got lazy to tape and impatient for the polish to dry so I painted on the green immediately. You can see that it's more uneven than my reds and blues. Not a strong point for me.
  • Try to avoid getting polish on your cuticles and skin. I guess this goes for any manicure. That is my biggest waterloo. 

Color Club Wild Cactus

Just sneaking in a quick swatch after more than four months! I've been through a family ordeal, and I've only started to feel a bit normal now. As normal as it can get, anyway. 

Please excuse the sloppy painting job. I've got polish all over my skin and cuticles, meh. 

This is Color Club's Wild Cactus. I got this mini bottle of polish as an extra with my order from House of Flair. It's a good, solid emerald green, opaque with two coats. Not streaky at all! It applied very well and the consistency was good. Not thick but not too runny either. I can't remember if I put on a topcoat or not when I took the photo... Base coat was OPI Natural Nail Base Coat.

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