Sale Alert! Human ♥ Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil

Holla! Human ♥ Nature's having a special discount on their Sunflower Beauty Oil!

Image from the email H♥N sent
You can avail of their special discount from April 10-14 only. Get 15% off the 50ml bottle and 20% off the 100ml bottle. I just got my big bottle this afternoon! I'm so excited to try it out.

I got my loot from my dealer (oh? hahaha) and friend Teng. If you've wanted to try the Sunflower Beauty Oil, now's the time! :)

NOTW: Easter Bunnies!

Happy Easter! Today I share my Nails of the Week: Easter Bunnies! I wanted to do an Easter design, and I was inspired to draw bunnies when I saw them on Beautylish. See the little critters below!

And today, I come armed with a photo tutorial of sorts. I'm sorry, I feel really inadequate! My photos are bad, the lighting looks horrible and I don't know how to get the proper angles. Also, in my excitement, I seem to be missing some steps in photos. Sorry! I'll try harder next time. So as not to prolong your agony, let's get started!

First, prep your nails with a base coat. I used OPI's Natural Base Coat. Then I applied my favorite pearly pink from The Face Shop. I deem that pastel colors would look really good with this too.

Then, using an opaque white polish, paint some half moons on the edge of your nails. I used an Etude House polish on this one.

Using the side of your nail polish brush, paint the ears on each bunny. Let dry.

Then, get your black nail polish and paint on each bunny's face. Make two small dots for their eyes and a triangle (or a dot if you're like me!) for their noses. They don't have to be uniform and exactly the same. It adds character to your design.

Or that's just my excuse since I can't get them to all look alike. Some of my bunnies look like they're on crack or something :P

Next, using a red polish, I drew little ribbons on each bunny's left ear. Again, you can use different colors for this part or leave the little ears bare.

Once everything's dry, seal everything in with a top coat. I used my OPI Top Coat.

I can't stress how important it is to make sure it's dry! I was in a hurry with my right hand and applied my top coat right away. Two of my bunnies have streaks on them. My ring bunny looks like it's crying. My middle bunny looks like it's bleeding.

Ta-da! They're not perfect, but I love my little Easter Bunnies and I think they're all cute. So, how was your Easter? And what are you wearing on your nails? :)

The Day I Got Sunburned

Yesterday! What a glorious, sunny day it was. Holy Thursday was the day my family planned our annual beach trip. As usual, we were late when we started looking for rooms so we had to settle for a day trip. It was a quick beach run, with more than half of the hours spent in the lovely school bus, on the road.

Here's my bare-naked mug, with nothing but sunscreen slathered on. I really love the top-knot I ended up with, it was really, really cute.

What was in my Skin Food polkadot cosmetics bag: sun essentials. Watson's Soothing and Cooling After-Sun Lotion (with aloe, cucumber extract, and Vitamin E!), Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen SPF 50 (in a lovely coconut scent!) and Beach Hut Face Ultra-Sensitive Hypoallergenic Sunblock SPF 65 (that was a mouthful, and a handful to type).

What was in my Majolica Majorca gold and glittery cosmetics bag: make-up! Red Hello Kitty hand mirror, Goody Anti-Frizz hair brush, MAC Studio Fix compact in NC25 (I used to be NC20 when I was younger, boo), Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover, Charm Retractable Kabuki, Skin Food Salmon Dark Eye Circle Concealer in 02, Origins Liquid Lip Color in Copper Beach, eos Smooth Lip Balm Sphere in Summer Fruit and NARS blush in Orgasm. I only put them on after showering, since the ocean would wash it away if I decided to wear it into the water.

And here's a photo of the little white pup my brother helped save. So we were sitting around in our cabana, and my brother sees this father and son pair swimming in the sea. They were throwing around this little white thing and after some squinting, we realize that it's a white puppy. They threw him into the water, submerged him, let him swim and scamper off, chased him and finally, buried him in the sand. My brother approached the policemen that were patrolling in the area, and after witnessing for themselves the cruelty that was going on, one of them approached the kid to tell him off. I saw the poor, scared pup run off somewhere. When my dad and I went to the food hut to get some juice, I saw the poor thing and called him. Being the nice, trusting little fellow that he was, he approached me and I picked him up. I fed him some of the food we had for lunch: fried chicken (that was way too dry, really), tuna and pork. The poor boy, which we dubbed Whitey, wolfed each morsel down.

I ended up getting sunburned even though I slathered the sunscreen on. After about thirty minutes in the water, I got up for lunch. I reapplied and went back in for another thirty minutes. Right now my shoulders hurt pretty bad. My chest is kinda red but aside from the V-mark I got from my swimsuit, it's pretty much okay. Lesson learned: No matter how careful I am, I don't tan. I burn.

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