NOTW: China Glaze Nova

I swear I should stop looking at nail polish online. My first ever bottles of China Glaze were an impulse purchase. I was looking at my favourite nail sites, Scrangie and The Polish Aholic, and bam, I had two dozen bottles of China Glaze on the way. Anyway, here is what I just painted on my just nails now.

Everyone, this is China Glaze Nova. I absolutely cannot get it to show up properly on my lowly iPhone camera, but it's freaking lovely. Lot's and lot's of small silver glitter and hex holo glitter in a clear base. I cannot tell you how much I love it. So so much. I'm willing to give up One Direction for a day just for Nova. Ugh. This is two coats of Nova with OPI Natural Nail Base Coat and OPI Top Coat. It's just so beautiful. I love Nova.

Glitter is my weakness. That is all.

What's New Today: The SM Beauty Box

A few days ago I was so intrigued when my favorite beauty bloggers started posting about the SM Beauty Box. After a few clicks here, some oohs and aahs there, and maybe a bit of drooling at the photos, August 1 has arrived! My mum and dad were nice enough to drive and accompany me to SM North EDSA so I could get my grubby paws on this magical box.

We had to take a short pitstop at a bench for my dad since he was having a hypoglycemic episode. After his RBG which read 44, a piece of candy to help bring his sugar levels up, my mum went down with me to get the Beauty Box. I got one for myself, and my mum got two. She wanted to get three but I was like, hey stop, that's too much! That's why we have three boxes between us. 

They weren't kidding when they said it was limited. The ladies at the other counters told me that the stocks were all out. My mum and I got three, and there were like seven on the table when we left. So I'm not sure what time they ran out. A manager opened one up to peek, and the other ladies were all around us. The Olay lady was held up the eye cream and lash serum duo, and was like, "Ours costs P1499! Get smoother eyes in a week and better eyelashes in three days!" (I was so amused I kinda forgot to remember exactly what she said. It was something like that though.)

There's the contents in all it's glory. Fancy, isn't it? The cost of all the products in the SM Beauty Box is P4000, but they're selling it for only P799. What a steal right? That's why my mum got two of them. She told me she'll be gifting some of the stuff. 

For more details, allow me to direct you to Achi Nikki aka AskMeWhats. Click here!!! She lists every single product in the box, plus she classifies them into groups like hair, face, etc. 

I hope that if this proves to be popular, which I think it really, really is, SM and Watson's makes more Beauty Boxes so other folks can get this too. Maybe they can make this into a monthly thing, yeah? Like a subscription box, but retail.

I'm really excited to dive into this box as there are a lot of new brands for me to try. I've been wanting essence since they've been made available in Canada and the US, but I procrastinate so... It's already here so yay! I have the Opal conditioner under a shower cap and towel on my hair right now. It smells good, so we'll see how it goes!
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