NOTW: Chunky Pink Glitter Tips

It's been a while since I've posted about my nails. One of the issues I've been having is my USB card reader not working. Granted, I got it free when we bought our Canon Powershot G12 in Causeway Bay's Broadway store. But come on, it's Hong Kong, I kinda expected it to last longer than it did. Anyway, now that my brother's at a sleep over I've managed to hijack his laptop. Thank goodness the guest account is still active, and that there's an SD slot built in his giant Vaio. So, here are my nails!

They're really easy to do. I just put on my base coat, OPI's Natural Nail Base Coat, then painted on the pink glitter on the tips. This bottle is from my friend, who got it from Korea. It's The Face Shop, but it's not available locally. What I like about this chunky hexagonal glitter is that the tips don't have to be perfect. The line might be wonky but it still looks great.

I sealed everything with a top coat once the glitter dried. I used OPI's Top Coat. This design is awesome because you can adjust the amount of glitter you want for your tips. You can also use any color and type of glitter, whatever you have. Hex, holo, fine, mixed, bar glitter, anything goes! I hope you can try this easy nail design. Just a little effort, but you get fantastic statement nails in the end. :)

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