Lise Watier HydraForce Hydra-Protective Comforting Creme

This winter was relatively mild by Canadian standards, but whenever the mercury drops, so does the humidity. It wreaks  havoc on my skin. I was born and raised in a tropical country, where it doesn't get any lower than 20 C. We'd go on vacation to colder places during winter, but my skin was never exposed long term to winter. The coldest place I've ever been to is Harbin, China, -40 C with windchill. Needless to say, I wasn't there too long.

Growing up, I had combination skin, normal with an oily T-zone. That's pretty much how it is most of the year. During winter, my skin just dries up. My oily T-zone will become normal, borderline dry, and the rest is just parched. Don't get me started on my cuticles, they end up looking like dry cracked desert land and it turns me into a compulsive skin picker, but that's a story for another day.

This is the kit Glam Sense and Lise Watier sent. This super cute skin testing device came along with a full size jar of HydraForce Hydra-Protective Comforting Creme to test and review.  It plugs into a smartphone's headphone jack and measures skin's moisture level on the Hydra-Detect app. Let's take a look at my results.

Those were the numbers for my left hand, forehead and left cheek, respectively. I did what the app told me to do (I try to follow instructions as best as I can, lol) and applied HydraForce. Hydra-Protective Comforting Creme has a floral scent I like. Initially, it's a little strong and I think some may not like it. It would probably have been better to have a much milder scent, or even go fragrance-free. The texture, I love. It's light and reminds me of a gel-creme. It absorbs quickly too. 

After waiting a few seconds for my skin to soak up the Comforting Creme, I tested the suggested areas again. Behold, my face was more hydrated! According to the app, my hand was still a little dry, but the moisture percentage did go up. 

More than those scores, my skin feeling softer and more supple tells me that it's more hydrated. I'm liking the boing-boing effect I'm having now that I've used it for about three weeks. No more talking and then wincing when my face feels tight. Thank you Glam Sense and Lise Watier for sending me this HydraForce kit and saving my skin!

Disclosure: The HydraForce Hydra-Protective Comforting Creme was provided by Lise Watier through GlamSense for consideration. All opinions posted are honest and truthful- 100% real!

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