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Just a short, quick post before March ends! I've been really busy with work, work politics, some minor family issues (plus a bit of my own fangirling, sorry!) and other stuff so I've kinda neglected Unicorns Dream for a while now. Which I feel really guilty about. Plus, I think I may have lost the SD card which contains the photos for upcoming blog posts and reviews. I'm an idiot, I know, but I'll try to find it!

Today I present what I'm currently wearing on my nails. Ta-da!

I'm sorry for the lousy photo. Since my SD card is currently missing, I can't use the G12 to take slightly better, at-least-they're-not-blurry photos. I used my Blackberry. Anyhoo, you might remember this manicure from last year's post: Purple Glitter on Hot Pink. I knew it when I saw the effect that I'd be reusing it again. Took me half a year but hey, I love it and it's back! It's almost completely identical to last year's. The only difference is the base and top coats and the amount of glitter. I used OPI and so much less glitter. At least it won't take forever to remove! Oh, and a review of the OPI pair to come. Soon.

Win It! from The Upstagers: In The Heights Tickets

I'm so excited to share another giveaway! This time it's hosted by The Upstagers, a group of cool, quirky and fun individuals hell-bent on bringing you the best and latest theater productions. 

If you think your lucky stars are aligned today, head on over to The Upstagers' Facebook page, like it, and follow the instructions on the In The Heights Giveaway Rafflecopter app for a chance or two (or three, or up to fifteen!!) to win one of FIVE In The Heights tickets for the 17 March 8PM show.

I hope today's your lucky day! In The Heights is a world-class, Tony Award winning theater production. I wish that one of UD's readers snag a ticket. I'll be there, and I'd love to meet you! What are you waiting for, go join this awesome contest now :)

Disclosure: Denise is one of the cool, quirky and fun individuals that comprise The Upstagers. Just to let you know. And now she's referring to herself in third person too.

The Blounge: Comfy Chic! plus, Welcome to My New Site Sponsor!

Do you remember the Unicorns Dream and The Blounge giveaway I hosted a few weeks back? The Blounge was generous enough to raffle off ten free hair spa and back massage gift certificates to five lucky readers of Unicorns Dream. Valued at up to P1,450 per GC, we gave away a total of P14,500 worth of awesome hair treatments. Once again, thank you thank you so much The Blounge! And now, here's a report of my very own The Blounge experience.

Ta-da! Isn't the place lovely? I really love the wallpaper. It's very pretty and it totally adds to the classy vibe of the whole place. And see the octopus-like contraption near the back? Sorry, I forgot to ask what it was, but it looks so high-tech! The huge mirrored dresser is where clients have their make-up done. The kawaii orange spaceships, I mean, seats are the hair washing stations. 

Since The Blounge understands the need of many to remain connected, each customer gets to use an iPad with super-fast wifi for free. Connect with your friends on Twitter and like The Blounge on Facebook while you get your tresses tamed and treated or play some games as your digits are being shaped and painted to perfection. 

As for my own mane, I wanted to try the Brazilian Blowout but The Blounge's hair experts suggested that I go for the rebond instead. I was put in the capable hands of Ate Glenda, who used to do my hair before. She's still as good as ever! She kindly explained to me that as the years went by, the process got better. Up there is a shot of my hair being ironed out to awesome straightness. Take note that rebonding takes hours, which is a serious con if you can't keep still like me.

After a few hours on my butt and having my hair ironed out, here's the final result! Wicked awesome, right? My hair was naturally poofy and a bit hard to maintain but getting a rebond from Ate Glenda and The Blounge made it soft, smooth and really easy to fix. Rebonding is permanent; it doesn't wash off and only the untreated roots "go back" to the natural state of your hair. I'm really happy with the result! Right now, my hair's just a bit dry on the ends because of my own negligence (read: not enough deep conditioning!) and having my hair colored, plus bleaching and reddening of my bangs. Hair's still sleek and shiny though!

Thank you so much The Blounge! Not only have you made my hair really awesome, you even gave my readers a chance to try your fantastic services totally free of charge. With that, it is with utmost pleasure that I welcome The Blounge as Unicorns Dream's site sponsor. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you oh so very much! Check out their rates and jaw-dropping promotions, they have really awesome packages right now.

The Blounge
332-2197 / 964-0650
2/F Hodge Podge Bldg.
139 Mo. Ignacia St. Quezon City

Disclosure: The rebonding service described above was sponsored by The Blounge for consideration. All opinions posted are honest and truthful- 100% real!
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