Fast and Fresh Beauty Routine with Covergirl

It's summer, and if you're like me, your skin might be a touch oilier than it usually is. Covergirl has your back, or your skin, with Clean Matte BB Cream. Get flawless coverage and stay shine-free all day. It's oil free and it won't clog your pores too. 

If you're into dramatic lashes but you don't have the time or skills for false lashes (like me, unfortunately), then Covergirl's Super Sizer Fibers mascara is for you. Get tons of volume and length with just a few swipes of the brush. Built in fibers create a falsies effect for you, easy peasy.

If you're in Canada, CLICK HERE to get a printable $1.00 off coupon.

Disclosure: The Super Sizer Fibers mascara and Clean Matte BB Cream were provided by Covergirl through BzzAgent for consideration. All opinions posted are honest and truthful- 100% real!

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