NOTW: Dorothy Who? + Nail Decal

Just a quick update for my Dorothy Who? nails. I stuck this cute little dragonfly on my left thumb! I love the texture it gave my nail and the orange on blue contrast made the dragonfly pop.

I bought a pack of these little buggers at a bookstore. They were actually labeled as scrapbooking accessories. I'm weird like that, I scoured the racks with M looking for things I can stick to my nails. A few days after putting on Dorothy Who?, I painted on a thick layer of base coat and positioned my dragonfly. I let it dry then finished off with a top coat.

Check out your scrapbooking section for other small tidbits you can use on your nails! My pseudo-nail deal was very cheap too. Only Php 10 for about a dozen of these. You might be able to find them cheaper in bulk or at hole-in-the-wall places.

Have a Slice of Real Life: NBI and E-Clearance

I interrupt the sort-of regular beauty programming with a snippet of... NBI's E-Clearance. This will be  short, promise. Last year, I was able to get my green copy NBI Clearance from Robinson's Metro East because my aunt was able to pull some strings. Now, I need another copy and I need it fast so I decided to try the E-Clearance since it was recommended by a friend. I completed the steps and printed my QR Code.

You have to print the QR code. They will email it to you as well.

I went to Ever Commonwealth since it was near my workplace. What happens is you skip the payment and encoding steps that take forever when you arrive, and you queue for the biometrics at this center. The problem was, they said that I had to go back on Jan 21 because they need to verify the E-Clearance payment-something-or-the-other. Because M and I cannot wait that long, I decided to try my luck at NBI Main tomorrow. I will get back on this topic soon. Please wish me luck!

NOTW: China Glaze's Dorothy Who?

Happy new year! My first post, and it's nail polish! Surprise surprise! I've been a bit more into nails lately, and I dare say that I am a bit inspired as of late. Also, the new year brings a life changing activity I am about to complete. Weeeell, it's actually just the start, but every journey begins with the first step!

This year, let me present to you China Glaze's Dorothy Who?! It actually, really has a question mark. Anywoo, it's an old release but I just around to using it recently. It's a blue jelly with silver and blue glitter in it. Absolutely stunning! I may have messed up application a bit, and I probably needed another coat. But still, super beautiful, isn't it? Here's another photo, and maybe I need a nicer, glossier top coat.

Products I used: OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, China Glaze Dorothy Who?, OPI Top Coat
I love this! I will be wearing Dorothy Who? again in the near future. Next time with three, thicker, more even coats and hopefully, a better top coat :)
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