Fruity Goodness: Watson's GrapeBella

The other day, I got a text message from my mother saying that she was in Watson's. What surprised me was that she was asking if I needed anything. I said that I would like to have the GrapeBella lipbalm. She responded and shocked me even more when she asked, "Anything else?" Wow, generous mother! She never really offers to buy me things, so I guess although I was rather stressed and tired that day, thank you Mum and God for the blessings!

GrapeBella lip balm, body lotion and body polish

Lip Treatment Lip Balm 9g : P89.00
Softening Body Lotion 200ml : P119.00
Exfoliating Body Polish 200 ml : P169.00

There is an ongoing promotion for SM Advantage and BDO Rewards card holders. GrapeBella products are 20% off, although I don't know until when. You may have to ask for this though, because apparently, not all of the staff are knowledgeable about this. We didn't get Watson's GrapeBella Privileges card either, so that just proves that they didn't brief their staff well enough on this.

I already opened the lip balm, so I might do a review on that soon. The lotion and the scrub will sit around for a while longer, since I already have alot of opened products :)


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