Drink that Aloe Plant!

A few of us might have this unobtrusive pot somewhere in our homes. It may be on a windowsill, outside our doors, or perhaps inside the living room. That green housemate might be an aloe vera plant. Aloe vera are very easy to take care of. A little water every once in a while and a nice sunny spot are essentially all it needs to thrive in your home. In my own experience, aloe vera are even easier to grow than cacti. Aside from being an undemanding houseplant, aloe vera has many other uses.

Aloe vera plant. Mine isn't as pretty though :(

Because of its cooling and soothing features, many of us who have experienced the painful effects of being under the sun too long have treated sunburned skin with aloe gel. Another form of aloe available on the market is aloe vera juice. It's made with the gel found inside the aloe leaves. The aloe's leaves are harvested, split open, and the gel is scooped out. The rind is discarded. Aloe vera juice has many benefits, and contains vitamins and minerals like vitamin C.

I personally have aloe juice as a nice, cool summer drink. When chilled, it is very refreshing. The little aloe gel bits are yummy and fun to bite into. They are juicy, and explode when bitten, to my delight. Aside from quenching my thirst, drinking aloe juice helps soothe my digestive system.

Aloe vera helps control and balance stomach acids. It aids in the stabilization of the digestive processes and keeps the stomach cool. It helps flush out toxins and other harmful substances that we may ingest. Aloe encourages tissue regeneration in the stomach and in the rest of the body. Some also say that aloe vera is known to protect and fight against cancer.

Alo is the brand of juice I currently drink. The flavors I like are the original and Allure, which has mangosteen and mango juices blended in. Yummy!

Note that aloe is considered an herbal remedy, and not medicine. Always use caution when trying out new things, and that includes drinking aloe vera juice. I personally drink aloe, and have had no bad experienced with it. For me, it is a yummy drink and the health benefits are an added bonus. If you do decide to try it out, I hope it will work for you too!


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