Sundae's Sunday Out

Sundae's Bonfire photo :)

Last Sunday was a fun and tiring date for Sundae. We attended Eastwood's Pet Blessing at around 5pm. Upon registration, we were handed a sample pack of Pet One dog food. While I don't particularly like Pet One because the ingredients list makes me cringe, I like how the company is making an effort to let pet owners have a trial to see if their babies would like it. The sample pack contained two 125g bags of the adult formula and a 75g bag of the puppy formula. Since my babies are thriving on Canidae, the Pet One will be given as occasional treats instead. Kibble is the perfect size for those in between meal nibbles.

Sundae made so many friends! At Eastwood, she charmed a number of humans and canines. She was taken aback though, when one feisty terrier barked sharply at her. Other than that, we all had a grand time as Sundae was a very well behaved puppy at the event. 

After having dinner at Fazoli's (yummy baked ziti!), we headed to Ateneo. We chanced upon a nice parking spot, so we parked quickly and headed to the Grade School Grounds where the Bonfire was being held. Sundae was really sleepy as she had just woken up from napping in the car. Upon getting to the ASSOC tent, she was nearly smothered by all the cuddles she was getting! Sundae was gracious and accepted all the attention as if she was born for it. Treats for such a well behaved pup! Even though she was tired and sleepy, she wasn't grouchy at all. We had her running (we were walking, she had to run to keep up with us!) to the car so that she would be encouraged to pee before we left. Movement creates movement! She went in the grass and we were proud. :) She went home dreaming all about friends and cuddles.


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