Sunday Loot

After chowing down at Seoul Garden, The Annex, SM North EDSA, we walked on over to SM "Classic" (the older, original mall) to get to the department store. We headed to the beauty section, and I grabbed some stuff, courtesy of the parentals :)

Lip Ice Sheer Color and Color Lipbalm, Sunsilk Damage Repair Mask and 4U2 Blush in 01
The first thing I grabbed was the 4U2 blush. It was the brightest color there. I liked this strawberry pink shade the most. Considering it costs only P154, I was okay with it. Dunno how long it'll last though, kinda disappeared on the hand I tested it on already. 

The hair mask shocked me alot. I was used to buying L'oreal's drugstore hair masks, that I consider cheap already. When Elseve was first introduced, it was sold at P375. Then they brought it down to P250 for a 200ml tub. Total Repair 5 is sold at the same price. Then I saw Sunsilk's huge 400ml tub at P195. I checked the 200ml tub, P99. Woah! So cheap! It blew me away; I was sold. I grabbed a 400ml tub of Damage Repair, since I still have my (unused) sample of the shampoo and conditioner from months back. I'll try to use them together after my huge Head and Shoulders and Garnier Color Conditioner run out. (What is it with me and the big US sizes? I buy imported if they're a deal, and I end up using them like, forever. Go figure.) 

Phoebe's Lip Ice post got me hooked. I started to look for Lip Ice like crazy! Luckily, I spotted them on a little stand right before we were gonna pay. Weird how SM North EDSA put the lip and facial section away from the rest of the beauty products, after the fragrances and right beside the entrance. I grabbed the uber cool Sheer Color and the Color Lipbalm for the SPF 15.

Beyonce Heat Eau de Parfum 100ml
I first heard about HEAT's Philippine release on Nikki's blog post here. My mom was the first one who got side tracked; we were supposed to go cehck out the lip and facial section. She was like, "Ooh, it's pretty nice, do you want it?" So I answered, "Yeah I do, but you're the one paying. So if YOU want it, buy it. If not, don't!" Obviously, she liked it and we went home with a bottle of HEAT. This is a very long wearing fragrance! It has floral, fruity and woody tones. The woody tones really come out after you've had it on for a while. 

HEAT (100ml) is available at SM for P3950 (Nikki's post says P3650, but the HEAT promo guy changed the price tag and everything and we ended up paying P3950) with 150 bonus point for SM Advantage members and a Gift with Purchase. Am calling up SM North EDSA right now to confirm this, will update later.

EDIT: Talked to the guy in charge, the P300 price discrepancy is the bundled EDT for men. They included a 50ml bottle of Banana Republic's Slate for "only" P300. Apparently, it was a special discount, as the original price for the men's Slate was P2000 something. The GWP was a big black Paris Hilton GWP bag for her fragrances. Looks like they had a lot of these bags left over, so they're offering it as a GWP for heat instead.


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