Unicorns Dream and The Blounge: Winners!!

Thank you, thank you all for joining Unicorns Dream's giveaway, made awesome by The Blounge. It's finally time to announce the fortunate winners! As if winning one The Blounge hair spa and back massage gift certificate wasn't enough, guess what? You'll get TWO!! Congratulations! 

Kimberly Calub
Girlie Camungay
Francis Falucho
Kathleen Sacluti
Bernadette De Vera Alarilla

Keep an eye on your inboxes, I'll be shooting you guys an email in a bit. Happy Valentine's Day, you lucky, lucky people! You get to bring another special person with you when you go enjoy The Blounge, on us! (Check out the cutie patootie Rafflecopter widget with the "official" announcement here, it's too cute!)

Unicorns Dream would like to give marvelous thanks to The Blounge for making this staggering giveaway happen. Visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about them and book appointments.

The Blounge
332-2197 / 964-0650
2/F Hodge Podge Bldg.
139 Mo. Ignacia St. Quezon City


Carlo Xci said... Best Blogger Tips
February 14, 2012 at 12:54 PM

Wow a 1-4-3 thanks to you miss Denise, to Unicorns Dream and Blounge... Im going to give it to my mother and my auntie... And now w8ting for the GC thx thx Happy Valentines Day

Denise said... Best Blogger Tips
February 15, 2012 at 8:53 AM

@Francis Falucho

Hey Francis, that's very sweet of you! Hope your mom and aunt enjoy their pampering :)

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