First Impressions Do Last: The Charm Angled Kabuki

When Sophie mentioned that she'll be launching new Charm brushes on her birthday, I eagerly awaited the special announcement. When her birthday came, I wasted no time and ordered one of the three new brushes: Charm Angled Kabuki. I think my package got stuck somewhere but it finally arrived today. Tah-dah!

And there she is! Isn't she a beauty? The Charm Angled Kabuki comes dressed to the nines in the famous Charm Essentials colors. I was really so excited and decided to post my first thoughts on my new baby. I'll post again once I get to use her.

What I love:
  • Cruelty-free. Made with synthetic, vegan hair. No animals were harmed in bringing you these lovelies!
  • Soft. The bristles on this brush feel very luxurious and non-scratchy. They can fool you into thinking that you're using a natural-haired brush.
  • Dense. This brush has the right amount of bristles and again, the thick hair feels so luxurious.
  • Ergonomic design. The handle and the overall construction of the brush are just right. Good weight and handle length feel good in my hand.
  • Feminine colors. Just had to mention this in a separate bullet! I love the pink and black color scheme of Charm essentials. So chic, and it gives just the right amount of girly vibes. I love, love, love the cute Charm logo printed on the handle as well.
What I don't like:
  • Having to wash the brush before you use it. Is it obvious that I can't wait to use my new Angled Kabuki?
  • None so far! But I don't think I'll find any negative aspects. I'm happy with all the Charm brushes I have!
Do I have you drooling yet? Get yours today from Sophie at Beauty and Minerals. You won't regret it! 


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