1. 4. 3. Go!

I recieved a Facebook event invite from my friend the other day. Seeing as it was a fun run event, I had to pass. I like being active, but my lungs cannot take prolonged running. Since I had pneumonia when I was a kid, I could only do short bursts and sprinting.

First Mary Kay Global Month of Service Unites Thousands of Employees and Independent Sales Force Members in Effort to Volunteer One Million Hours of Community Service Worldwide
In Manila, Mary Kay Philippines participants will be running in the “1.4.3. GO: Run the Mile. Share the Love” Fun Run on February 27, 2011 at SM Mall of Asia which will be for the benefit and creation of a playroom and education corner for the Pediatric OPD Charity Patients Social Service Division of the Philippine Heart Center.

Since I cannot run to save my life, I told my friend J that I would blog about it instead. It will be the 100th celebration of International Women's Day this year, and what better way than to join a run for a cause? Head on over to the Facebook event page to get more details. You can also help out by clicking this link to help Mary Kay get 1 million hours of community service worldwide.


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