Sunday Lunch at Papa John's

My lemming for Papa John's started when I found out that the first PJ's PH was open at Robinson's Galleria. I constantly asked my parents to take the whole family there, but they didn't like the thought that it was at Galleria. Fast forward to January. I checked the website for the nth time, and lo and behold! The top banner said that the Greenhills branch was finally open! We just had to make the out-of-the-way-trip to eat there.

Calzone's: Chicken & Mushroom and Pepperoni & Mushroom
Papa John's prides itself with using the freshest ingredients. All the button mushrooms I tasted were fresh, and not canned. The service was okay too, for a newly opened restaurant. The waitstaff were friendly, but I guess they could work on efficiency as they go on. The time it took for the food to come out was painstakingly long, which was why we were famished by the time the first dish touched the table.

Cheesesticks with garlic sauce
We ordered Cheesesticks, which came with garlic sauce. It's more like a little 6 inch cheese pizza cut into strips. The garlic sauce gave a nice flavor contrast with the cheesy pizza. This was an appetizer, but sadly, it came after a few of the other dishes came out. Something I did not particularly like nor hate was the Chicken baked rice. It had chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes on top of pepper rice. It was okay, and it's something I think my brother could pull off on his own. Another gripe I had was that the serving was too small. I also ordered the calzone's on the menu, Chicken & Mushroom and Pepperoni & Mushroom.  Both were good, but I liked the Chicken one better because the Pepperoni's taste was kinda off. Finally, we had a large, All the Meats pizza, which came with two garlic sauces and a pepperoncini. We didn't want the bugger of a pepper, so we asked if it could be changed to a garlic sauce instead. Good thing they agreed. (Only the calzone's and cheese sticks are pictured, because we wolfed everything down before I remembered to take photos. We were starving because it took a long time for the food to come out.)

All in all, it was okay. I wasn't particularly wow-ed by the whole experience. The food was good, but not amazing as I hoped it would be. It still pales in comparison to my US Papa John's experience, but I still like the fact that they used all fresh ingredients. Hopefully, they can bring the service up a notch, which will make dining there better. We had to follow up our orders and other requests numerous times. I'll still go back and give it another shot at a later date, so that Mics could go and try it out too.


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