NOTD: Purple Glitter on Hot Pink

Happy Sunday evening! Hope your weekend has been better than mine. I started "getting sick" after watching the Ateneo-UST game at Smart Araneta. Thank goodness we won though, it was pretty close at the end. I was yelling and jumping and cheering and screaming at the refs but it was soooo worth it. Anyway, I think this is the first time I'll be featuring my nails in a nails of the day post. So anyway, here we go!

I clipped my nails short and filed them 'til they were in between round and rounded square shapes. (You'll sorta see what I mean in the photos.) I protected my nails with The Face Shop's Nail Strengthener as my base coat. Then, I applied two coats of The Face Shop PK106, a vibrant, hot pink. 

Taken in natural light. 
So much sunlight! Kinda hard to see the glitter, the sun reflects too much on the glossy top coat.
Then I put on LA Colors Color Craze in Glistening Purple. On my right hand (photos above), I applied two thinner coats. On my left hand (photo below), I put on one thicker, goopy coat. Both provided a decent amount of glitter, almost enough to satisfy a glitter addict like me. But I noticed that two thinner coats gave more glitter and more even coverage.  After all that dried, I painted on my top coat, Azeria nail polish 008 in Clear. 

That little wound on my left hand? I poked myself using a pair of pointed tweezers.
I'm kinda sad my G12 can't capture what my nails look like in real life. I swear they look nicer in person. I'm happy with my nails though, I'm sure I'll be wearing this polish combo again in the future.


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