Win It! from The Upstagers: In The Heights Tickets

I'm so excited to share another giveaway! This time it's hosted by The Upstagers, a group of cool, quirky and fun individuals hell-bent on bringing you the best and latest theater productions. 

If you think your lucky stars are aligned today, head on over to The Upstagers' Facebook page, like it, and follow the instructions on the In The Heights Giveaway Rafflecopter app for a chance or two (or three, or up to fifteen!!) to win one of FIVE In The Heights tickets for the 17 March 8PM show.

I hope today's your lucky day! In The Heights is a world-class, Tony Award winning theater production. I wish that one of UD's readers snag a ticket. I'll be there, and I'd love to meet you! What are you waiting for, go join this awesome contest now :)

Disclosure: Denise is one of the cool, quirky and fun individuals that comprise The Upstagers. Just to let you know. And now she's referring to herself in third person too.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips
March 14, 2012 at 1:29 PM

" The Upstagers, a group of cool, quirky and fun individuals"

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