NOTW: Easter Bunnies!

Happy Easter! Today I share my Nails of the Week: Easter Bunnies! I wanted to do an Easter design, and I was inspired to draw bunnies when I saw them on Beautylish. See the little critters below!

And today, I come armed with a photo tutorial of sorts. I'm sorry, I feel really inadequate! My photos are bad, the lighting looks horrible and I don't know how to get the proper angles. Also, in my excitement, I seem to be missing some steps in photos. Sorry! I'll try harder next time. So as not to prolong your agony, let's get started!

First, prep your nails with a base coat. I used OPI's Natural Base Coat. Then I applied my favorite pearly pink from The Face Shop. I deem that pastel colors would look really good with this too.

Then, using an opaque white polish, paint some half moons on the edge of your nails. I used an Etude House polish on this one.

Using the side of your nail polish brush, paint the ears on each bunny. Let dry.

Then, get your black nail polish and paint on each bunny's face. Make two small dots for their eyes and a triangle (or a dot if you're like me!) for their noses. They don't have to be uniform and exactly the same. It adds character to your design.

Or that's just my excuse since I can't get them to all look alike. Some of my bunnies look like they're on crack or something :P

Next, using a red polish, I drew little ribbons on each bunny's left ear. Again, you can use different colors for this part or leave the little ears bare.

Once everything's dry, seal everything in with a top coat. I used my OPI Top Coat.

I can't stress how important it is to make sure it's dry! I was in a hurry with my right hand and applied my top coat right away. Two of my bunnies have streaks on them. My ring bunny looks like it's crying. My middle bunny looks like it's bleeding.

Ta-da! They're not perfect, but I love my little Easter Bunnies and I think they're all cute. So, how was your Easter? And what are you wearing on your nails? :)


Mics Victa said... Best Blogger Tips
April 8, 2012 at 11:59 AM

wow, they're so cute! lol

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