NOTW: Dorothy Who? + Nail Decal

Just a quick update for my Dorothy Who? nails. I stuck this cute little dragonfly on my left thumb! I love the texture it gave my nail and the orange on blue contrast made the dragonfly pop.

I bought a pack of these little buggers at a bookstore. They were actually labeled as scrapbooking accessories. I'm weird like that, I scoured the racks with M looking for things I can stick to my nails. A few days after putting on Dorothy Who?, I painted on a thick layer of base coat and positioned my dragonfly. I let it dry then finished off with a top coat.

Check out your scrapbooking section for other small tidbits you can use on your nails! My pseudo-nail deal was very cheap too. Only Php 10 for about a dozen of these. You might be able to find them cheaper in bulk or at hole-in-the-wall places.


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