Nautical NOTW: The Louis Tomlinson Inspired Nails

Ahoy mates! Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been bedridden for almost a week, and I'm due at the doctor's again tomorrow. I apologize for being incoherent now, since aside from my back pain, I'm experiencing some side effects from my meds. (mainly headaches, dizziness and nausea) For now, I offer a Nails of the Week post. Here are my rather messy Nautical Louis Tomlinson Nails:

Tada! I really like the theme of this. Stripes and an anchor, nautical, yay! But, I'm not entirely sure why I'm posting this. I think did a crap job. The dark blue base is uneven at the cuticles, and my lines are just plain weird. (Note to self: DO NOT rush a nail job late at night. You will regret it.) Kinda sad, since this was actually inspired by this photo below:

Can't remember where I got this photo. It's been sitting on my desktop for a while now.
Now, Louis "Tommo" Tomlinson is known for his love of stripes, yeah? And I really like this photo of him in particular. It helps that Liam (I like his old hair here, bless him) is holding Louis' nape while whispering in his ear. I spent most of the day in pain, and reposting One Direction stuff on Tumblr, while listening to their albums. Before I say goodbye, I present another LiLo photo, below, for good measure.

This is from tumblr. From a user named luliver or something, can't remember...


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