Hong Kong Bites: Lei Bistro

One of my favorite restaurants in Hong Kong is Lei Garden. One of their branches is located across City Garden Hotel, my family's hotel of choice lately. Last time though, my cousin brought my mum and I to Lei Bistro for snacks. It has a more modern, casual vibe to it, compared to Lei Garden's formal banquet-style set-up. You can find Lei Bistro in the basement of Times Square in Causeway Bay. 

Please excuse my crappy photos. No matter what I did I could not get the lighting to work for me. Above are the usual dimsum fare in the steamers, hargow, siumai, and xiao long bao. These are classics, and they are all very tasty and juicy. Yum.

In the middle are my favorites. To the right is the crispy roasted pork that had me addicted to Lei Garden in the first place. It's almost fatless, and it is not kidding when it says crispy. You can hear it crunch from the next table, I swear. It comes with a mustard-type sauce, which I don't care for since it's too hot for me. And I must add, one serving is a big block of nine cubes. I was too excited and we ate a few pieces before I remembered to take a shot. 

The dish in the very middle is called Deep Fried Pastry with Shredded Turnips. I don't like turnips, but this made me sing praises. The pastry was very delicate, but it held the hefty turnip filling. It was not too oily either. The filling was hot and delicious and perfectly seasoned. My mouth is watering now as I recall that yummy experience.

Last but not the least, we had this crispy noodles dish with fried shrimps. (I'm grasping at straws here since I can't remember what it's called.) It doesn't look like much in the photo, but it was yummy and filling and it fed three people!

Lei Bistro is rather popular and like most good restaurants in Hong Kong, expect to wait minutes to an hour to be seated, even during supposedly off-peak times. To learn more about this Michelin starred restaurant (they have one star!) visit their website. It doesn't look updated though.


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