NOTW: Abstract Nails

Okay so I'm cheating a little here... This was actually last week's abstract nails. Oops! Not a tutorial, but there are tips down below to help out.

Another confession: I used to tape to get sharp triangles. My freehand is practically non-existent! My tape work was sloppy though, as you can see some smudges and bleeding. I used a peachy pink and a red from The Face Shop, a blue from Elianto and the green is Color Club's Wild Cactus, plus the usual OPI base and top coats.

Some tips for doing your own manicure like this:
  • Make sure each layer of polish is dry before putting on tape for the next color.
  • Use magic tape! Cello tape is too sticky.
  • Put on the lightest color first, then more opaque colors on top. Use any combo you like, go crazy!
  • You don't even have to do triangles, although it is the easiest and uses less tape. Make any geometric shape you like.
  • You can freehand your shapes, if you like! I just got lazy to tape and impatient for the polish to dry so I painted on the green immediately. You can see that it's more uneven than my reds and blues. Not a strong point for me.
  • Try to avoid getting polish on your cuticles and skin. I guess this goes for any manicure. That is my biggest waterloo. 


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