Hola! Celebrating Cinco de Mayo and Beach Hut Face SPF 65

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I fondly remember Cinco de Mayo in CA with my aunt and uncle. My Aunt E would make this awesome seven layer dip and my Uncle E would fire up his grill and dish out some mean steaks and chicken with his secret hot dry rub. And Cinco de Mayo in CA meant that once upon a time, Knott's Berry Farm offered admission on May 5 for a nickel. Five. Freaking. Cents. How awesome was that?

As I have previously shared, I went on a trip to Boracay for the first time ever with some of my friends. I was preparing for my trip to Boracay, my aunt fussed over what stuff I was supposed to bring. She bought me new bikinis, some sundresses and two bottles of sunscreen. The one I was more excited about was Beach Hut's Face SPF 65.

Beach Hut Face SPF 65

I love how sheer, lightweight and non-oily it is. It's not too thick, but it's not too runny either. It spreads easily and the scent was light enough not to be too noticeable. I did not experience any break outs at all, proving that Face SPF 65 is ultra-sensitive hypoallergenic enough for me. Also, like the label claims, I felt no sting.

Swatched on the left, blended out on the right
Since I wore this under some powder foundation at the beach, I'm not exactly sure how this would fare on it's own in regards to oiliness. But I don't think I oiled up *that* much. I did not experience any breakouts from using this either. Sorry I couldn't find a decent photo of a freshly made up face. This was the best I could find. All my other photos have me after a dip in the sea. If you squint, you could see how nice Face SPF 65 looks on me, under my foundation :)

Playing hide-and-seek under Willy's Rock

My only gripe though, is that the flip top cap allows product wastage when you're not careful in opening it. Some lotion explodes and spews out when you flip the cap. Other times, it flows out all over the opening when you *gently* squeeze the product out. I think if changed the cap or at least position the hole more towards the front, it wouldn't be such a pain to dispense.

This is what happens when you aren't super duper careful

Over all, Beach Hut Face SPF 65 is a good sunscreen for the face. Priced at P399 for a 75ml bottle, this is a pretty good buy. I would use this for everyday too, if not for my previously opened sunscreens and BB creams :) My aunt got this for me at a Watson's in Megamall.


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