Labor Day Swatches from the Majolica Majorca Haul

Happy Labor Day! Although tomorrow was not declared a non-working holiday, May 2 is the official release of Majolica Majorca's Sugary Trap collection. Here are swatches of the items I purchased, including two from the Sugary Trap.

Sorry for the wonky lines!
From left to right: Pressed Pore Cover LE for 2011 (but it's the same thing, just the case is diff :3) Skin Remaker Pore Cover in BO10, Puff de Cheek in Apricot Macaron and Honey Pump Gloss Neo. All powder products were swatched twice. I was amazed that the Skin Remaker almost disappeared! The Pressed Pore Cover looks white and powdery but it's nice and invisible when patted on the face. Apricot Macaron might be a little intimidating because it's orange, but it looks great as long as you don't pile it on too much, You'd risk looking like you have a bad tan or like an Oompa Loompa.  But it's not crazily pigmented and build-able, so it's rather easy to use.

Skin Remaker Pore Cover in BO10, P895, case not included

Skin Remaker Pore Cover case, P450

Puff de Cheek in Apricot Macaron, P795

Pressed Pore Cover LE 2011, P895
The pastel shade is really adorable! If you're thinking about getting this, and aren't so sure about the black case (it is quite chic though) Get the Limited Edition for 2011 Pressed Pore Cover :)

Honey Pump Gloss Neo, P295

My MM goodies inside the GWP gold pouch


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