Manic Monday at the Post Office

How was your Monday, everyone? I know many dread it, because it's usually the start of another grueling week at work. My mother and I were about to run some errands, but the mailman came and dropped a parcel notice. So we headed to the post office after our chores to mail some letters and pick up my package.

As I was waiting for my package, I saw a few PO employees discussing something over a big box. There must have been something wrong, because other employees were called to consult. I never really knew how it concluded because the Customs guy called me over to inspect my package. This was what was inside:

Cute girly bag, Girl Talk and ribbons :)
This confirmed it, it was my package from Paris B! I won one of her blog contests over at My Women Stuff, one of my favorite beauty blogs. The prize was a Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. But look what else I got along with the prize:

Along with a 30ml pump bottle of Smashbox Photo Finish Primer was a tube of Smashbox lipgloss in Luster and an Anna Sui Mini Rouge V. A short but sweet hand written note from Paris rounded it all up. 

I normally dislike rose-scented everything. I expected to be turned off by Anna Sui's signature rose scent but I was wrong. I don't love it, but it's something I won't turn my nose up at. The photo does not do justice to the pretty little thing. When you open it, the inside of the lid has a little mirror for touch ups. 

I was just like little girl who got an awesome doll to play with. I didn't even wait until we got home to check out my package. I was smiling like mad the whole car ride home. :) Once again, thanks so much Paris B and MWS!


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