I don't know what's worse, having rotational brownouts or severe water interruptions. For the lucky, your area might not be experiencing any of the two inconveniences. Others might only have to worry about one of them. Our family, on the the other hand, has to struggle with both. The power outages don't come so often, and it's only about an hour or so per day. We had one today, right before we went out for breakfast. When we got back, all was fine. The brownout before that was last week.

The bigger problem we're facing right now is the water interruptions we're experiencing now. It's been a month since it started, and it's so frustrating. We lose water as early as 8:00 am and get it back really late. Tonight sets a new record; water started flowing at 12:00 midnight. I feel kinda bad for my mother since she's the one who washes dishes and collects water. I try to help, since the water pressure's so low, only one faucet can be turned on at one time. SIGH. It's such a big hassle.

With the temperatures constantly rising, it's so hard to cope with everything now. The heat makes your head even hotter. I can deal with an hour or so of no electricity everyday. When I get too hot, I would just wash my face and splash my arms a bit with some water to cool off. Now, I can't do that.

I commend Maynilad for trying to save water now that it's El Nino season. But I hope they can think of a better way to do so, instead of giving their consumers more headaches with water interruptions and high prices.


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