It's already 3:30 am and I still can't sleep. :( My eyes are already puffy, red and teary. I already spent more than an hour with everything off, trying to doze off. But no, I have to toss and turn and not sleep. I love my sleep, I really do, but my body isn't cooperating now. Jeez, this lack of sleep is making me even more incoherent. My sleep cycles are all messed up now. :(

Also, I have a canker sore at the back of my throat that is causing me mild discomfort. Talking, swallowing, even breathing sometimes bother me now. Eating is now a chore, as the food being shovelled down my throat pushes and scratches on the sore.

Two things I really love to do, sleeping and eating, I can't even enjoy right now :(


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