On a roll today!

Here's another post! I went to Megamall again today, with Mics. Where else would I go, but to Etude House? I went in with only a pump bottle on my mental shopping list, but I was drawn away for a moment! I got distracted by the O2 White line display. Is it just me, or is it a new? I asked the saleslady how much the O2 White sheet mask was, and she nicely beeped it on her register. After mentioning the price, which is P128, she then proceeded to give me a sales talk :P She told me that it was a new and improved version, with the addition of Vitamin C for better whitening. It also has anti-oxidant properties too, doesn't it? Well, I bought a pack to try out. Blame the gullible and  part of me, I'm keeping it in our fridge in case of a tanned beach face. Also grabbed a pump bottle, which was the original reason for my trip.

Sorry for the dark BG and my hands. I used Photo Booth here, and those little red dots on my fingernails are supposed to be tiny nail art hearts. I practice, yeah!
Vitamin C O2 White sheet mask, P128 and pump bottle, P178
total damage: P306

The pump bottle doesn't have Etude House stamped on it, so I'm not entirely sure if it's an exclusive product. Actually, there were two "designs" there. One kind has a flatter top, while I got the other one, with a rounder top. Makes sense? No? Sorry, haha.  Another thing, it was the first time for me to get a plastic bag! Paper bag? :( 

Mics got a pair of board shorts. It was a pretty nice pair, something I picked out and he chose. Teamwork, yei! Also checked out Bioresearch. I'm not exactly a fan of petshops, because I believe that they provide care inferior to that of an expert breeder or even an avid enthusiast. This trip gave me more reason to believe that.

We looked at some of the fish, they were pretty much okay. We didn't look at all of them though, and knowing how fish are treated, there were probably a few dead ones floating somewhere. Checked out the tiny, dirty, overcrowded lobster tank. At least 10% of the crustaceans were floating on their sides with no movement. Right above that tank, a few dead turtles were floating in their aquarium. A few of the more livelier ones were on forming a turtle tower on each of the two small rocks inside. 

I wanted another hamster, and Mics knew that so he was half-joking when he told me that he'd buy me a dead hamster. True enough, there was a rather mangled-looking one lying under the exercise wheel in the male teddy bear tank. It was kind of horrifying, with it's mouth looking like it was torn open.

I was really saddened by that. Based on experience, I didn't bother to tell the staff that they had a number of dead animals on display. They would just shrug me off or worse, make a scene and yell at me. I was in no mood for more negative energy earlier. I really don't understand how they can do their jobs everyday, and not notice anything wrong. The lobsters are severely cramped in that small tank, with dirty, murky water and other dead animals. Turtles suffer the same fate too, plus the lack of a suitable dry landing. Although water turtles live in mostly, well, water, they do need a dry place, like a rock or a platform to bask and dry their shells out a bit, or they may become soft and infected. The dead hamster on the other hand, is just being stepped over by the other furballs.  :(


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