Weekend Malling

Out of the four posts I've made, including this one, I've written about malls twice. Ugh. Don't I have anything else to write about? Well, not really, since all I've been doing lately is get up at lunch, eat lunch, go on the internet, shower, eat dinner, continue on the internet, sleep. Great, I inspire myself so much now, don't I? The most interesting thing I've done lately was change the bulbs on my parents' moodlights/Chinese lanterns that were high up on the ceiling. I got my fingers dirty. Woohoo~

Last Saturday, I spent my entire day at Tri Noma with my lovable boyfriend, Mics. Using Citibank charge slips, we got two tickets to watch Kick-Ass. We gave the nice ticket lady three charge slips, and only ended up having to pay P20. P10 per ticket, not bad! Since the movie wasn't starting until 2:30, so we ate lunch first. We decided to eat lunch at Gerry's Grill.

The time we spent outside waiting was rather long. There were a few big groups that were having lunch there, must've been a day of celebration for many. While waiting for our table, we decided on what we wanted and ordered even before we were seated so we wouldn't have to wait long inside. (We were practically starving already!) After a total of 15 minutes, we were finally ushered in. We just asked for cold water, as it was a hot day. Then, the food started to come!

My share of the two cups of rice we ordered
P29 per cup

Sizzling bulalo steak wasn't sizzling when it landed on our table. Gravy was pretty good though, with whole button mushrooms! Haha, I love canned mushrooms, yum, yum!
bulalo steak, mashed potatoes, buttered vegetables, mushroom gravy

Baked scallops! I like the ones with the burned cheese on top best.
eight scallops topped with cheese
Total damage was P563.00. I had a discount card from my cousin, which entitled us to 10% off. With a P500 gift certificate, we ended up paying onlyP6.70, plus tip, total P20 bucks. Cheapskates? Sorry, we're both newly graduates with no jobs yet! (unemployment blues a different story altogether :P)

At around 2:00, we went up to the cinemas to watch Kick-Ass! Mics was the one who wanted to watch this. My first reaction was kinda wth, but I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. 

I wouldn't disagree with its R-13 rating.

Kick-Ass himself was a superhero wannabe with good intentions. Too bad he sucked. Now Hit-Girl and Big Daddy were the real thing. They had the moves and the weapons! *spoiler* Hit-Girl was a swearing, bad guy-slashing eleven year old girl who wore pigtails and a skirt. Red Mist used daddy's money to get his gadgets and a hot car. All in all, it was a rather gory film, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  The official website has some movie-themed games here: 

I offered to pay for parking when we left, since he got gas. Only P35, since we parked outside for five hours. Total we spent for a lunch-plus-movie date that day? Only P75! One of the cheapest dates I've had in a looooong time. Gas was even more expensive than the whole day :)

When I got home, my parents promptly informed me that we were going to Tri Noma (gasp!) to watch Date Night.

The Fosters, a.k.a. the Tripplehorns

At first, I was bored and rather sleepy since the events were unfolding rather slowly. As the date night went on though, it became more exciting and fun! It was funny and I was laughing most of the movie. If you want a funny movie that's light and not too long, Date Night is the flick for you!

That day, Selecta has a booth set up near the cinemas and ticket booths giving out free ice cream. You just had to surrender your ticket to have it stamped, and you could choose between their new flavors Coffee Almond Cookies and Choco Almond Fudge. I was able to try both, and I prefer the coffee flavored one. Choco Almond Fudge was a bit too sweet and rich for me. Coffee Almond Cookies had a nice coffee flavor and a lighter aroma to it. There were lots of cookie chunks, and the almond bits were plentiful and crunchy. This is the next tub of ice cream our family is going to buy. :)


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