Weekend Loot and Family Mall Tour

It's not often that my whole family goes to the mall on Sunday. Blame it on my father's religious commitments and my desire for gossip, but we spend our Sundays together away from commercial money pits. Recently though, I've a noticed a trend: Dad now enjoys night time trips to malls, when the latest time we used to leave was 6 PM.  Before Dad's religious Sundays, we used to frequent SM Megamall. Trips to Megamall were usually twice a month, unless there was something wrong with us and we'd be there every week. Every. Single. Week.

Last Sunday, father, mother, brother and I spent the entire day at SM Megamall. We hadn't been there together in months, maybe even a year. It was their first time to check out the Atrium. A few of the shops we looked around in were All Flip-Flops, Supra (Remember friendship bracelets? My brother has friendship shoes from there. Go figure.) and La Senza. Guess where I headed first. :D

The La Senza Love Affair started after my aunt's trip to Dubai. She bought three pairs of bras that I absolutely loved. So imagine my surprise and delight when one day, while strolling in Tri Noma, I saw two words. Two words that made me swoon: La SENZA. Hello!! Ever since, I've been there countless times, sometimes just looking, most of the time leaving with a white paper bag. About half of my undergarments are from there, not to mention nearly all of my three dozen thongs. 

I heart cute undies!
dark beige 3-way bra, white push-up, two pairs of the same design in blue and pink
damage: about P2400 or so, I think

After La Senza and looking at some old Supra shoe designs, we headed down to Etude House. Mom was starting to complain about how far it was when she took sight of the pink door and lights.  We were greeted with, "Hello, Princess!" Hurray! The first time I was there, there was no such greeting. Probably since there were a lot of customers at that time. Our shopping inside was rather quick, because Mom hates it when we spend time inside stores. But since it was her first time there I let her look around and actually buy something for herself.

She wanted to get a new facial cleanser, so I pointed out the Happy Teatime shelf. Mom was amused, and smelled each tester before deciding on the Aloe variant. I grabbed two masks, one for her and one for myself. We then headed over to the nail polish, and we got three of the Petite Darling ones. Before heading to the cashier, Mom grabbed a blush brush for us to try out. See the Etude loot below.

I love how Etude House is so pink. Almost everything is pink!
Top row L-R: GWP-pink Lee Min Ho folder, Etude House paper bag
Bottom row L-R: Essence Mask in Collagen, Pearl Extract sheet mask, Petite Darling polishes in PK006, WH701 and PK008, Happy Teatime Aloe Tea Cleansing Foam, blush brush 
Damage: P786

After these impulse purchases we went to watch The Book of Eli using Dad's Citibank charge slips. Each P1,500 charge slip gives you P100 credit towards any movie at selected cinemas, so each ticket came out P50 after the credit was applied. (The Book of Eli at SM Megamall Cinema costs P150 each)

We then ate at Komoro Soba, which we discovered when we went to Etude House. My brother ordered a Tonkatsu Don Buri, P84. Mom got the Kara Age Bento, P114. Dad decided on an Ebi Tempura Bento, P140. Me, on the other hand, choose Zaru Soba, P72. Wallet damage was only P410 among the four of us. Not bad, considering the speed of service, the taste of the food and the portion size. Note that this was a late lunch-early afternoon snack; my parents and sibling are on the overweight side of the planet. 

I'd like to thank my mother and her credit card for all the things you see in this post. Thanks for sustaining all the Damage! A review of the Happy Teatime Aloe Tea Cleansing Foam will be up in few days.

Here's a Photo Booth photo of the pampered pooch Milo to end this long post~


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